Wet Weather

In the event of wet weather game cancellations, please call the following numbers, if the games are being played in:

Macquarie District
Ph 1900 920 223 - After 7.30am

Newcastle Football
Ph 1900 920 286 - After 7.30am

Hunter Valley Association
Ph 1900 962 015 - After 7.30am

Senior Zone League
Weekdays the last update on this website 5pm weekends 7.30am
Ph 1900 920 219 - After 9.15am

(Call cost to 1900 numbers $0.60 per minute - Telads)
Higher cost applies from Mobile and Payphones.

Once this information is placed on the wet weather line it will be placed on this website as soon as we can however the telephone is the primary system for call outs and delays in posting on the web may occur!

Zone League Two 1st Grade
Zone League two 1st Grade
Zone Premier Two 1st Grade